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Name: Walter Fitzpatrick
Alias: Neuron
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Supervillain
Abilities: Levetation, Psychic, psionic, telekenitic and energy manipulation
Bio: Walter was a troubled boy, never popular in school, other kids seemed to shy away from him as from an early age he displayed strange tendancies when angry, household objects tended to fly violently whenever his short temper sprung up. As he grew older he realised he had powerful psychokenitic abilities, along with powerful psychic and energy projection abilities. Although physically weak, he posesses such great power that he bacame one of the youngest and most deadly foes of the Network of Heroes, he can lift trucks and busses with his mind with ease, deflect oncoming missiles and his psionic attacks are capable of massive destruction. His only weakness is continued use of his abilities, his low endurance means he cannot sustain his powers for long periods of time.