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more cold war madness:

Name: Dimitri Romanov
Alias: Soviet Man
Age: 27
Occupation: Researcher/mob boss
Affiliation: Supervillain
Abilities: constantly emits radiation, and can control bursts, immune to radiation, super healing factor.
Weapons: Pistol with radioactive bullets.
Bio: Alexandr’s son, while scouting around Chernobyl with a couple of mobsters looking for material to build a dirty bomb, the team were exposed to huge amounts of fallout whilest near the old reactor. Only Dimitri survived, and miraculously, he found he can control the radiation to deliver lethal amounts. He still carries his old pistol, and because the bullets stored on his person become radioactive, anyone he shoots will suffer radiation poisoning if they manage to survive the bullet. As a side effect, his bones glow through his skin.