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Name: Sir Arthur Nightingale
Alias: Nightingale
Age: 38 (in 1921)
Occupation: Inventor, Pilot, Adventurer
Affiliation: Network of Heroes (NH)
Abilities: Inventor of kinetic based energy weapons.
Weapons: Shockwave Pistol: Fires an invisible ball of energy that causes great damage. ThunderFist: Essentially the same technology but used with a hydraulically powered gauntlet.
Bio: Nightingale served as a Commader of the RAF during World War 1, he was an exceptional and daring pilot, shooting down many German planes. After the war was over he took to inventing, and learnt the secret of energy based weapons way back in 1921. With his breakthrough he boarded his plane to America to present his findings to American scientists. Along the way, he flew through Burmuda Triangle, his plane started going crazy and he eventually blacked out. When he woke he found himself in present day, coincidently, the Network of Heroes HQ is the same lab where he originally intended to land. He seeks a way to get back to his time.