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Genre – sci-fi/superhero
Name – Van Vandross
Alias – none
Race/Home planet – human/Ktar
Age(in earth years) – 40
Height – 6’4”
Weight – 310lbs 
Occupation – space adventurer, secret soldier
Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
Powers – While possessing no powers special to his race, Van does have strength, durability, speed, agility and reflexes far surpassing that of a normal Earth human. The Ktarii are among the oldest races of humans in the universe and have evolved to the point of physical and mental perfection. The Ktarii have been known to display uses of telepathy, telekinesis, and various other mental abilities.
Special skills/abilities – Although capable physically, Van prefers to use his brain over his brawn. He is a skilled businessman and negotiator and has amassed vast personal wealth. Van claims to know over 1000 languages. 
Weapons – Van has a collection of expensive antique weaponry that he loves to show off whenever he can.