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Another progression of one of my SunCross crew.

Genre – sci-fi/superhero
Name – Sora Shade
Alias – none
Race/Home planet – human/Ktar
Age(in earth years) – 60
Height – 6’2”
Weight – 230lbs 
Occupation – space adventurer, secret soldier
Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
Powers – While possessing no powers special to her race, Sora does have strength, durability, speed, agility and reflexes far surpassing that of a normal Earth human. The Ktarii are among the oldest races of humans in the universe and have evolved to the point of physical and mental perfection. The Ktarii have been known to display uses of telepathy, telekinesis, and various other mental abilities.
Special skills/abilities – Sora is a master combatant, skilled in the use of most known weapons and weapons systems.
Weapons – Sora’s weapons of choice are a double-bladed staff of her own design and a Ktarii energy pistol.