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Here’s the next member of my SunCross crew. Now only one more to do. I really want to be done with these so I can start transferring the rest of my stuff over to here.

Genre – sci-fi/superhero
Name – Unknown
Alias – Oldbeard
Race/Home planet – n/a
Age(in earth years) – Unknown
Height – 6’6″
Weight – 315lbs
Occupation – holy man, space adventurer, secret soldier
Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
Powers – Oldbeard possesses super-strength and durability. He also seems to not age at all and his true age is unknown, even to himself.
Special skills/abilities – Oldbeard is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. He is also an excellent listener and communicator.
Weapons – Oldbeard’s weapon of choice is the ax.