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Guess what’s back, for a one off special (though if we get decent participation it may become a more than one off special). Don’t ask me why, I just felt like it. For those of you who weren’t around the first time (and in case those of you who were have forgotten) here’s the basics: there’s a number of questions, you answer them, you get points. The answers are in a spoiler at the end of the quiz so you can check your score, but don’t cheat because otherwise you will be forced to read Rob Liefeld comics forevermore, and no-one wants that.
Unlike the previous quizzes (bar one) this quiz will have a theme. And that theme is debuts. So lets get going shall we.

1. In what comic series did the Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby incarnation of The Mighty Thor debut?
Bonus Point- Give the issue number.
2. In what year did Doctor Who first air?
Bonus Point- What was the name of the first serial and episode?
3. Which of these original members of the Justice Society debuted first?
a. The Flash (Jay Garrick)
b. The Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
c. The Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
d. The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)
Bonus Point- Can you place them in order from first to last?
4. Who first portrayed Emperor Palpatine in the Sith Lords first appearance in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?
Bonus Point- How did they achieve the effect of giving Palpatine yellow eyes in the film?
5. In what episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation did Q debut? (Episode name please, just to be cruel. Nah, only kidding; series and episode number will be fine)
Bonus Point- Name John De Lancie’s character in the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
6. Which of these famous X-Men characters did not debut in Giant Size X-Men 1 in 1975?
a. Storm
b. Wolverine
c. Colossus
d. Nightcrawler
Bonus Point- In which comic did they debut?
7.Who debuted first, Swamp-Thing (of DC) or Man-Thing (of Marvel)
Bonus Point- In which decade did they both debut?
8. In what year was The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy first published?
Bonus Point- What was the original title of the radio series when it was first proposed?
9. In which chapter does Golum debut in The Hobbit? (Number or title)
Bonus Point- What is the answer to the first riddle Golum asks in the game he plays with Bilbo?
10. Who was the cover star of the first ever comic published by Marvel Comics (then Timely Comics)?
Bonus Point- Name any other characters to star in that issue.

1. Journey Into Mystery (Bonus Point- Issue 83)
2. 1963 (Bonus Point- An Unearthly Child)
3. c- The Sandman (Bonus Point- C. A. B. D.)
4. Elaine Baker (Bonus Point- The super-imposed chimpanzee eyes onto the footage)
5. Encounter at Farpoint S1E1 (Bonus Point- Discord)
6. B- Wolverine (Bonus Point- The Incredible Hulk)
7. Swamp Thing (Bonus Point- 1970’s)
8. 1979 (Bonus Point- The Ends Of The Earth)
9. Chapter 5- Riddles In The Dark (Bonus Point- Mountain)
10. The Human Torch (Bonus Point- any of: Namor, The Angel, Ka-Zar, The Masked Raider)

Have fun. Sorry, I know at least one of these questions is truly evil, but I want to see how good people really are. It’s out of 20 including Bonus Points, so good luck.