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If someone is interested of this pose them he need to extract it from character because I forgot to save it.
Download Panda.txt

I really like this character(I really like all of your characters) and I’m glad you posted the text. I didn’t use the pose but I love to color so I did color the character. I didn’t post the coloring because you didn’t really give permission for that, but if you’d like to see it I could post it. Either way, I just want to say I really like your work!

How could i miss your post? Sorry for delayed answer. I glad You like my ideas and I love to see your colored version.
Well, from all of characters I made only one deserves to be call character (guss which one), others are rather a armor/monster designs. This one is diferent, because I created it first as character before i even know HM. Finally a decided to make it a pictere and share. Here it is – Rukaka and Ferus
In fact it is no one but two characters. You see, wolf cape is a Ferus, a spirit – in past he was a Great Guard of Snow Mountain but he was captured and killed by barbarian hunters. His skin was converted into decoration their leader’s throne. But human can not kill spirit completly. Rukaka was in this time a child and slave. Her family village was burned and her family killed by the same peoples who killed Ferus. She was only one who hear Ferus voice, he was only friendly soul she met in her slavery. When she was 17th her owner and barbarians leader attempted to rape her but wolf skin nailed over his throne fell down on his head and clenched tightly until he fell down death. These day Rukaka and Ferus run away from their persecutors. Years of suffering made Rukaka very distrustful. She can not find her place in the world. Ferus after what is happened to him became cynical. Only with each other they find trust and even (in some way) love. They live as a mercenary and bounty hunter. Traveling and never staying in one place for long time. They may seem indifferent to others suffering but in the end they helps people in need and stop bad one. And there is a lot of suffer and bad peoples in sad world they live.
Usually only Rukaka hear Ferus voice but it is possible that other could hear it to. Ferus even as a skin can move a little. Cape he make use to coil in own will. Paws and head can move, even cuts and bite others. Ferus can coil on Rukaka body so tightly that she looks like werewolf.

BTW, how my english, but be honest with me. Especially how is my grammar.