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The Atomic Punk

@Gargantua said:

Hard to say if they used word “demon” literally. Demon is a ancient greek and ancient latin word. In latin it mean “supernatural force”. I dont know if Slavs borrowed it from Romans or it was use only by researchers years later. Christiand give word negative meaning. Point is that Slavs treated at the same level all supernatural creature.
Demons was material or ethereal. Some demons was people who died in tragic way, some was personification of force of nature or personification of evil forces. They look like old creepy humans or human-animal hybrids. Some of them survived in fables for ex. baba yaga, werewolfs, gnomes. Slavs have plenty of demons:

One important thing to take into consideration is that Slavs was realy huge group and lived in vast areas so there are differences between regions’s stories.

If you read novel “Witcher” (or play game) or other so call east europe fantasy you may meet some of them.

By curiosity, can you reveal what story you working on?

Excellent resources. DziÄ™kujemy! The story (so far) is about a cryptozoologist travelling central Europe. The guy is a con artist. People pay him to prove the existence of faeries and goblins. He takes their money and offers phone evidence so people will continue to employ him. He doesn’t believe in any of it. That is until one night…