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I realised that I had a space in one of my hero teams for an elemental/energy type character – so here she is…

Solaris, aka Demi Asomoah

Solaris is a mutant who derives her powers from the ability to absorb and store vast amounts of solar energy. She can then use this energy as a basis for her psychokinetic powers, including levitation / flight, and heat/light energy attacks. Unlike those mutants who derive their energy from their own physical resources, Solaris needs to constantly top up her energy levels by exposure to sunlight. Consequently her effectiveness is much reduced at night, or in enclosed areas where sunlight does not penetrate. Her mood and personality is also much affected by the weather and the availability of sunlight, and her dependence on unpredictable weather phenomenon has led her to become almost pagan in her devotion to the Sun.

She’s pictured here welcoming the sunrise after a long and dark night.]