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here my updated Jinni series. Jinn are spirits who can change form at will while in the third/fourth dimension.
Behold: the mighty Jinni, Solpotestatem! he is a powerful spirit who’s favorite form is a tribute to the Egyptian sun-god, Ra.

Lo: Nubhit the strong! he is a Jinni who commonly prefers physical power to cunning and who favors a form reminiscent of the Egyptian god Anubis.

Behold: Renuteti the fierce! she is a spirit who’s favorite form resembles the Egyptian goddess Bast.

Lo: the Jinni Mortaez! he is an evil spirit bent on slaughter and subjugation of humans and Jinn.

Saronius! he is a power hungry Jinni who’s favorite method of killing is either squeezing his prey to death or drinking their blood. or both.

Ethelaire! a Jinni who prefers the form of a griffin or hippogriph.

Mwabon! a relatively peaceful spirit who takes the form of a six-armed ape or monkey.