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Name: Farica Chelsae

Gender: Female.

Abilities: Adept hand-to-hand combatant; great skill with locks, both mechanical and electrical.

Weaknesses: Superior strength

Bio: Farica was orphaned at birth under unknown circumstances, and grew up among the beggars and hoodlums of New York. she was found and raised by a notorious thief, Zander Cain, and trained by him to fight and work with locks. She soon became a talented part of his crime gang, the Shades. After a failed robbery attempt, Cain was killed and Farica was left to wander on her own. She was tracked down by the Society of Heroes and captured, after she set several clever traps and snares to ward off trouble. It was deduced by the Society that she was not evil, and could be trained to do good. Her skills were then put into use fighting crime, including the remnants of the Shade gang. On her missions she met Troy Sanders, a fellow hero, and a romantic interest sparked between them. They are now fighting at each-other’s sides as successful crimebusters.