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Gila Man

Name: Thanijel Kiev.

Gender: Male.

Abilities: Exceptional strength, speed, stamina, and agility; ability to regrow limbs and vital organs.

Weaknesses: Psychic powers.

Bio: Born without a name, Thanijel Kiev was a Nazi clone superhuman bred for army service. A truckload of other clone babies like him were being carted through Russia when the truck was sabotaged. The explosion spared only him. He was found by a loving Russian family, who took him in: the Kiev’s. His abilities were discovered when Thanijel (as the Kiev’s had named him), at age 12, was in a bicycle accident (he had been riding superhumanly fast). his injuries healed in less than a week, where others said they never would. Later in life he was discovered and recruited by the Society of Heroes, being code-named “Gila-man”. In Austria he met Mellisa Curry and they fell in love, but he was called away on a long-term mission, never to see her again. Years later, he discovered, in Vienna, his son, Mel Curry, whom he had not known about. He was the son of Mellisa. Their joy was short lived, however. An attack was made on Mel, which was intended for Kiev, costing him most of his body. Mel’s brain managed to survive in a comatose state, due to his inherited healing factor, and was revived later, in a robotic body, both to give him a chance at life, and to test stage 3 of the “Nexus Project”. Gila Man is now a Top-notch crime buster.