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Name: Mel Curry .

Gender: Male.

Age: Teen.

Abilities: Super strength, stamina, enhanced brain power, limited flight, and not susceptible to most human weaknesses.

Weaknesses: Ion weapons, psychic powers.

Bio: Mel Curry is the son of Thanijel Kiev (a.k.a. Gila Man) and Mellisa Curry. “Gila Man” Kiev has the power to regrow limbs and vital organs, an ability inherited by Mel. Kiev had no knowledge of his existence until shortly before he became Brainchild. Being left with a child she could not raise, Mellisa Curry gave Mel to the local orphanage, where he would live for the next 14 years of his life. He and his father were united in the city of Vienna, but their joy was short lived. An attack was made on Mel, which was intended for Kiev, costing him most of his body. Mel’s brain managed to survive in a comatose state, due to his inherited healing factor, and was revived later, in a robotic body, both to give him a chance at life, and to test stage 3 of the “Nexus Project”. He is now going to a school for “Gifted Youngsters” in Astropolis, Texas, so that he can fight crime alongside his father and fellow heroes.