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thanks, LiveWyre!
Nigel Drake was an ingenious geneticist working for Chao-Tech labs. he was in the process of creating a cure for a deadly disease, which would enhance the physical attributes of the user tremendously. Chao-Tech grew impatient and decided Drake had outlived his usefulness. while he was working in his lab, would-be-assassins stormed his workplace, and in the struggle, Drake ingested some of his serum. when he awoke from unconsciousness, he was in a jail cell, and found he had mutated into a cat beast. sent temporarily mad, he attacked one of the special police guards, scarring the man’s face, then escaped. he was found, employed, and trained by Macbeth Industries and the Society of Heroes, and later became the hero Claw. the man who had been scarred swore vengeance, donning a mask, decorated to resemble his scars, dubbing himself the Huntsman! Claw is now a world-class hero and geneticist, while the Huntsman in a world-class assassin.