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repost of the LEGITIMATES, with bios this time
History: the Legitimates organization was founded by a shady buinessman named Rupert Frost. the organization’s purpose was to own all low-profile business, legal and otherwise. the original members are Rupert Frost, Boombug, Coda, and Zander Cain. about halfway through the Legitimates’ first age, a huge deal went wrong, causing the Legitimates to mutiny. Boombug was the one to kill Frost, but Cain forced his way in as leader.
When Zander was killed in a gang raid, his daughter, Callie Cain, took his place. two newly-recruited Legitimates, Vigilance and The Martial, decided to kill Coda (who had become leader) in order to gain power. they succeeded, though Callie Cain became leader again, being backed up by Boombug. this marked the beginning of the Legitimates’ second age.

the former leader, Rupert Frost

the assassin in a supersuit, Boombug

the masked (former) second-in-command, Coda

the leader of the “Shades” gang, Zander Cain

The New Legitimates
Callie Cain


The Martial