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The Atomic Punk

Please consider “pinning” the challenges so they stay on top of the Forums. That way, they don’t get lost in the flurry of new posts. I wish Jeff would consider allowing for Hammerknight or Kaldath to moderate Challenges on the main blog. Albeit, there is a huge uptick in the Forum activity!

My larger point being is that the blog offered the “one-stop” shop with the links on one continuous page. In the forums, you have to scroll page after page. I’m so used to using “Download Master” to swipe the pictures for me. This handy little widget is available in the Chrome Web Store.

Definitely like the Poll Daddy method of choosing a winner. It takes pressure off the moderator. Also, please enforce the “Creator-Character” naming convention. Might want to number the challenges so they’re easier to find (Challenge 1 – Subject, Challenge 2 – Subject, etc).

Apologies if I sound demanding, just putting out ideas to make the new format familiar in hopes of a smooth transition.