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I guess I should give you guys the point up to which I’ve written, since i already had more done before i had to move the writing. here it is :)

They shared a wince as the man hit the ground, failing to rise.
“Come on!” She spun on her heel, and followed Lloyd across the rooftop. They leapt the distance between buildings until they were on the opposite side of town. “I think we lost ’em.” Lloyd stopped on the roof, and hoisted himself up onto an adjacent tree branch. Erianne followed, and together they picked alternate routes down. Stepping into the street, they were immediately confronted with the City Guard. Before the exhausted pair could react, they were beaten, bound, and walking towards the Marrohaven Hall. They were ushered through the door, up two flights of stairs, and to the end of a hall. From there, the team of officers accompanying them shoved them through the door to land on their knees before none other than the mayor himself. He glanced up at the crew and spoke sharply.
“Explain.” One of the men immediately stepped forward and issued a report.
“When you first came into office, sir, you stated that ordinary punishment would not undergo upon severe repeat offenders, and that they would be brought to you for personal analysis and jurisdiction from you.” The mayor’s face darkened.

Farewell, I was hoping to get farther than I did while mom kept letting me post my writing on someone else’s site, but she changed her mind. thats why i have to move. sorry.