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They spotted their target at the corner of a tavern named Your Royal Hotness that was popular among the men of Marrohaven. He kept looking around nervously, almost as a bird. He relaxed a moment, and began to declare his wares as ‘the most popular pastries in all of these streets’.
“Should we do this quietly, or just throw it from here?” Erianne asked.
“I’d like it to take him a moment to figure out what’s in the sack.” he replied. She laughed.
“Alright, then we need to go around the pub and hit him from behind.”

Ellis was a pastry merchant. He hated his job. The wares were terrible. The people were arses. And all he could eat all day were pastries. He was pencil thin, constantly had uneven stubble, and wore an old torn hat he had pulled out of a rubbish pile. And the worst of it all were the thieves. Two individuals, constantly gnawing at the back of his mind, eating at his pastries without he even knowing. He was sweating, his slightest movements jerking too far. His thoughts were interrupted by something heavy striking the back of his head. He turned around, and accidentally stepped on a sack, hearing the crunching of bones. He looked up, and saw them. Watching him from across the street, seemingly smug with themselves. He began swearing at them as the stench reached his senses, and he gagged. He didn’t really have much of a choice than to flee from the sickening sour-sweet stench. He screamed for some sort of enforcement, and they seemed to leap from the shadows. Erianne and Lloyd had generally the same thought at the same time.
Ballucks. They ran to the booth, crammed at least a dozen crumpets in their series of storage devices. Then, they bot fled in the same direction, that from which they came. They cut into a familiar alley to the right, and climbed onto rubbish heaps and windowsills until they got to the roof. They looked down on the police and began taunting them. Suddenly Erianne heard a muffled scream, and whirled around in time to see an authority with Lloyd in a chokehold. She grabbed the officer’s hands and crushed them in her muscled grip. He screamed and released Lloyd, who proceeded to shove a pastry in the man’s mouth before booting him over the edge of the building.