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So someone on the Blog has basically implied that I stole the design for Joyce of the Jungle. She is, as anyone can see who has two eyes and an a**hole, based on the dozens of female jungle characters found in the Pulp comics of the 1940s, who were woefully underdressed for a successful life in the jungle. I checked out the character he referred to and she is no more like Joyce – although they both are blonde and wear leopard skin – than Spiderman is like Superman – they both wear red/blue and work for newspapers. Shanna the She Devil verges on pornographic, and in my opinion Joyce is more closely related to 1940s pin-ups like Betty Grable. I mean really, platform shoes? I considered addressing this on the Blog, but I do not want to further hijack the thread – it is not the place to do that. Those who know me would never think that I stole the design, and those who don’t…well…who cares.