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Well thank you very much. A toast to you as well, sir! (Now where did I put my top hat…)

Continuing with my Latino team:

Lupita Reyes
Bio: Little is known of Lupita’s past. She is a skinchanger, and was once a member of a pack, but she lost her family a long time ago in the tragedy that gave her the scars on her face. After years of aimless wandering in the desert she settled near Teotihuacan de Arista, periodically offering her services as a coyote (that is to say somebody who helps transport people from Mexico to the United states, not the canine) for money. She ran afoul of the guardian of the area once or twice, but nothing too disastrous. Suffice it to say they didn’t like each other very much. However, business went on. She was making a name for herself without arousing too much suspicion from the local authorities. Lupita prided herself on her discretion. Which is why she was incredibly surprised when a couple of kids from Mexico City came stumbling into her office late one night, begging her to take them up north. She would have thrown them out then and there, if the boy’s reflection didn’t suddenly start talking to her…
Abilities: Lycanthropy- Lupita can shift from human to wolf form at will, but exists in a constant flux between the two. She possesses enhanced physicality (agility, speed, stamina, strength, reflexes, dexterity), as well as enhanced senses (smell, sight, hearing). Additionally she possesses accelerated healing and a highly advanced immune system.

Bio: Yaotl’s origins are incredibly mysterious. Loba knows her, having apparently encountered her here and there over the years, and can sense hints of her true origins. For instance, she was able to discern that Yaotl is older than she appears. Centuries older. Other than that, not much is known about her. She presents herself as a guardian of Teotihuacan, meant to keep the artifacts and mystic energy from falling into the wrong hands. In that respect she failed when Guillermo and Luz came into contact and were infused with the energies within the pyramid of the sun. She attempts to track them down to contain the fallout from this incident, and to return the power to its rightful place.
Abilities: Yaotl is a natural mystic, who draws power from the earth, and is able to perform a number of reality bending spells. Her power levels depend on her being in direct contact with the natural surface of the planet, and to her geographic proximity to the ruins she is meant to protect. At Teotihuacan her power levels are incalculable, she is a mystic without parallel. But the further she travels from this epicenter, the more her power wanes.