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Of course! I love putting group shots together.

Last member of the retro Spectrum team.

Rocketina- Donna Edrington

She was the daughter of a billionaire industrial engineer, who built his fortune through advances in aviation technology and architectural innovation. Donna was gifted with an eidetic memory and showed avid interest in pursuing an engineering degree like her father before her. Despite her interest, Mr. Edrington favored his eldest son as an heir and pushed him for excellence. Donna’s brother joined the air-force hoping to make their father proud, but was killed in combat during a skirmish over the Congo. Mr. Edrington became severely depressed, withering away until the day he took his own life. She inherited her father’s business and used its resources to build a personal flight-suit. One that would allow her to make an individual difference in the world. Something more maneuverable that would prevent tragedies like the one that claimed her brother’s life. She never claimed a distinct orientation, and didn’t want to, having a strong distaste for labels and constrainment. Rocketina would die shortly before the disbanding of the team, sacrificing her life in order to destroy a device that would have opened a rift in space-time under San Francisco. Donna wore an advanced aerial rocket-suit, allowing her to fly through the air at incredible velocities. The suit had onboard weapons systems in addition to the arms Donna kept on her person. She was an expert marksman, and incredibly agile.