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Hey thanks! It’d definitely have to be an edgier kind of comic line, I think Image sounds good These guys are mainly nods to the kind of wild and rapidly-changing attitudes that began to emerge during the 60’s LGBT movements, moving away from trying just to blend in and get by unnoticed towards being more outspoken and in your face about everything. Elementa and Cub were fun because I tend to do street clothing or kind of fantasy robe/armor stuff and my traditional superhero outfits are a bit rusty.

One more for today!

The team’s resident mage. In the modern timeline of the story he’s also the reason behind Spectrum’s revival, going unhinged and detonating the source of his powers in the middle of a pride event. It’s unleashed energies are the catalyst that transforms the six young members of Spectrum and grants them their powers.

His background:
A bisexual young man from Puerto Rico, raised by his grandmother and instructed in island lore and santería. After her passing he spent his youth without resolve, aimless, addicted to an endless chain of substances. During an attempted overdose he found a crystal clear prism hidden in the refuse of a squalid building, seemingly drawing him near. Upon contact with the relic, the drugs and addiction were burned clean from him and he felt true power, a one-ness with the universe. He attached the prism to a chain around his neck and took up the identity of Triad, used his magic to better the lives of others. Using the prism as a power source, he could fly, conjure waves of extra-dimensional energy with various applications, even teleport. His potential was limited only by his imagination. The prism also seemed to guide him somehow, giving him an almost precognitive supernatural intuition. He often told his teammates that it had a personality, a presence of it’s own. After Spectrum initially disbanded, Hernán became lost. He became somewhat of a silent protector for the Village, dispatching muggers and bigots alike before fading into obscurity altogether. Hernán wasn’t seen for years, until the eventful day when his actions led to the formation of Spectrum’s current incarnation. He was ranting and raving for Elementa and the Bear to help him, telling them the voice in the Prism had gotten too loud, too demanding. In his unhinged state he cracked open the Prism, unleashing its magicks on the crowd. He disappeared with the ensuing explosion and hasn’t been seen since…