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Been a bit busy with real life (boo! lol), but as promised. Some villains for Spectrum

Starting off with the ANARQUEERS! A three-person terrorist cell, all of them former military or black ops, who operate in defiance of any and all governments, blaming all of them for the plight of LGBT people around the world. They routinely perform widespread attacks against organized religion and political groups with anti-gay leanings, and assassinate those leadership figures at the head of each. They view all non-LGBT members of society as complicit participants in the status quo as it has been thus far. They are expendable cannon fodder in the war against heteronormativity. Spectrum aims to put an end to them, but even their abilities are hard tasked to overcome such ruthless adversaries.

Former Black Ops operative, fell in love with a teammate and jeopardized a mission forher, leading to their handlers abandoning them in hostile territory. Her teammate was brutally tortured to death in front of her, before Butch managed to escape. Butch wages war on the government that abandoned her and against any who would hurt members of the LGBT community.
She is an expert marksman and martial artist, having undergone extensive gene therapy during her black ops contracts which enhanced her body and neurology beyond normal human limits.

A former intelligence analyst for the military, he lived isolated and withdrawn because of the DADT policy in effect during his enlistment. Eventually his fellow soldiers got wind of his secret, created an elaborate ruse involving a fake online relationship and exposed him to his superiors. Despite his long career, Nancyboy was summarily expelled from the army. Unhinged and with nothing left to lose, Nancyboy erased years of intelligence from military servers and leaked sensitive information. He was kept locked up in an undisclosed facility, awaiting sentencing as a traitor when Butch broke him out and recruited him.
A computer expert and an excellent forger, Nancyboy allows the Anarqueers to stay ahead of authorities and keeps a rotating supply of valid ID documents at their fingertips. He uses enhanced weaponry of his own design.

A genetic experiment uncovered by Nancyboy’s hacking and rescued by him and Butch from a clandestine facility based deep within the Rocky Mountains. Her true identity, or even gender, remains unknown. She refers to herself as Dorothy and wears a dolled up mask at all times. She was the only surviving test subject of a combined radiation/gene therapy program that greatly altered her body. Butch and Nancyboy killed the entire research staff, leveled the base, and scoured all records of its existence. Very few people remain aware of her origins. Dorothy is generally docile, but becomes a vicious and cruel assassin on mission.
Thanks to her treatment, Dorothy is an efficient killing machine. She has superhuman strength, enough to punch through plate steel and rip heavy machinery to shreds. She is not invulnerable, but the increased density of her skin, bone, and muscle tissues make her incredibly resistant to injury. She can switch off her pain receptors at will, allowing her to fight through enormous punishment.

And close it off with a group shot: