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The last two members, representing the Question and Ally constituents of the community.

Q- Questioning-
TJ didn’t have an easy childhood, his family moved throughout much of his early life, the result of his father’s work in the Baptist ministry, shifting between congregations and going where he was needed. TJ grew up in a religious household, but enjoyed the sense of spirituality, and the bonding time he had with his family. It wasn’t until unfamiliar feelings began to stir within him that TJ started to become withdrawn… He had always liked girls, or at least he thought he did. He hadn’t had a girlfriend yet, but he was just shy… wasn’t he? He’d started to… notice some of his guy friends in ways that didn’t seem appropriate. TJ was just incredibly confused. He had gone to the rally in secret, urged by his old friend Leslie, just to see what this was all about, to see if he could find answers to his questions. Being caught up in the incident that empowered Spectrum brought undo attention to TJ’s dilemma, although his family remained supportive. He would go through this journey with his newfound friends, to find himself. TJ’s abilities are mysterious in nature and haven’t really settled… He emits a unique form of energy from his eyes that envelops and alters his body in mysterious ways. These alters are temporary and can range from height multiplication or super-speed, to spontaneous combustion or astral projection. More powerful alters tend to burn out quicker than others.

A- Ally-
Heather Martinez grew up the daughter of philosophers and artists. Her parents were open-minded and taught her not to judge those around her. From an early age she befriended a young neighbor boy, Tyler. They were inseparable all through school. It wasn’t until high school that Heather realized her friend was suffering in silence. Tyler confided in her after his 16th birthday. She was the first person he came out to. She was slightly disappointed, having nursed a slight crush on him due to their closeness, but was happy for him to be himself. The rest of their high school class didn’t take too well to him.. Tyler was bullied relentlessly. Heather tried to speak up for him, but she feared damaging her own reputation. Eventually the harassment took it’s toll on Tyler and his parents found him hanging from the roof of his bedroom. Heather vowed that she would no longer remain quiet. She started an online movement, known as “Speak Out”. She was at the rally to discuss and promote anti-bullying programs, but was caught up in the incident that created Spectrum. It gave her the ability to project diffuse energy force-shields. Heather can control the permeability of these fields, able to allow ambient material to pass through them or making them airtight to the point of blocking out light.