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Last two FNF2 redesigns:

First up is Diminutive Zh’an! My take on Little John.
Backstory and previous incarnation:
Zh’an was an exile from a planet beyond the boundaries of the Empire, a brilliant geneticist from an alien race with limited shapeshifting abilities. Every member of his race has the ability to augment their physical forms and increase their strength and size, but only to limited degrees. Zh’an performed illegal modifications to his own genetic structure, taking these abilities to their utmost genetic potential. He can shift into a vastly larger and more powerful form, with immense strength, but a bestial and ferocious mind. His first transformation led to a bloody and vicious rampage before the authorities of his homeworld finally apprehended him and classified him an exile. As an exile he was sentenced to cryo-sleep and jettisoned into space on single-person voyager pod. He was ultimately discovered by the Imperial Preceptor’s army and put into a labor camp with other outworlders. Eventually he was rescued by Rauben Hüd and offered his services as a science officer, keeping his altered form a secret…. for now.


And the star of the show… Rauben Hüd
The leader of the Loyalist Rebellion of Sherwood, Rauben lived a simple life, the son of the preceptor of an agricultural province outside the asteroid belt’s borders. Until the Imperial Preceptor of Nothingam made his bid for the throne and began to eradicate any and all dissidents. Rauben’s father was among those, and Rauben was barely able to escape as his home was destroyed along with his family. He honed his skills as a warrior among a group of smugglers and outlaws who made their living flitting between asteroids and stealing from travelers. Rauben soon found himself leading this group, and repurposed them as freedom fighters, guerilla warriors loyal to the Majestor and vowing to free the people from the tyranny of the Usurper of Nothingam. His skill with a Plasma ARC weapon is unparalleled.