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Thanks! I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Marian as well. I like the idea of her continuously floating, as if as a member of the Imperial Family, the ground isn’t worthy of her touch.

Anyways, another re-design for today. This time the Imperial Preceptor of Nothingam

Backstory and previous incarnation:

Once an ambitious young general, moving up swiftly in the ranks of the Majestor’s army, until a disastrous military campaign which cost the empire a key battle in the Expansive Wars. The young man held strong political clout, so he could not be severely reprimanded, so the Majestor instead promoted him… assigning him as the Imperial Preceptor of the Outer Colonies, a sector of space sparsely populated, affectionately dubbed: Nothingam, for in truth there was nothing there. Humiliated, the Preceptor schemed in the shadows, forging alliances, making plans until… The Majestor departed to the Interdimensional Crusades. The Preceptor took advantage of the monarch’s absence and formed his own force of loyal followers with which to usurp the throne. He besieged the Crystal Citadel and sequestered the Majestrix Marian within. She is a ruler in name only, now, as the Preceptor has declared himself her direct liason, orders coming from him being the equivalent of her unquestionable command. In his initial campaign he laid waste to loyalist colonies and sympathetic parties, annihilating the Brotherhood of the Breach, and one specific agricultural colony from which came the hero of our story.. Rauben Hüd. The Preceptor annihilated the peaceful farming community simply for the political outspokenness of the Hüd patriarch, Rauben’s father. When next the Preceptor would encounter young Rauben, it was as the leader of a clandestine rebel organization. They had been attacking the Imperial trade routes and appropriating goods and resources to be distributed to the Outworlds. The Preceptor’s army personally escorted the next shipment to the Imperial Throneworld, but were set upon by Rauben’s allies. It was in this skirmish when an over-emboldened Preceptor would make a fatal mistake, trying to follow Rauben’s retreat into the vast Sherwood Asteroid Belt. His craft was struck down and an explosion left him exposed to the vacuum of space. His army rescued him… but the damage was done. The Preceptor was forced to graft mechanical limbs and organs to repair his damaged body… he became more machine than man, ever bent on revenge.

Edit: I decided in my initial illustration that our Preceptor’s flesh and blood hand was entirely too big. Proportion fail! Revision!