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And now for the antagonist of this little story arc:


Slightly extended backstory for those interested…
An enigmatic individual who appears to be targeting members of the magical community. His origins are unknown (except to me lol), but his abilities are tremendous. Centuries ago he discovered the nexus of all things, the source of reality. He was able to discern the language of the spheres, and could speak it to terrible effect, overwriting and imposing his will on the universe. He developed an alphabet and tattooed phrases of power all over his body, allowing him to channel the Source Language directly. With the labyrinthine seal on his chest, Uwasa could absorb individuals into his being and siphon off their power. In the height of his power he could warp physics and natural phenomena, manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe to decimate his enemies. Eventually, because they could not find a way to kill him, a handful of his followers sacrificed their lives to seal Uwasa in a single collapsed moment of space and time. When Coatlicue attempted to collapse the multiverse, Uwasa was freed from his prison. However, his abilities were greatly weakened. He needed divine energy to re-empower the seals on his body and give him the strength to once again channel Source Language. He spent the ensuing years wandering under cover, absorbing low-level conjurers and street corner psychics. By the time of this story arc he has built up enough strength to tackle those who are more directly connected to the divine, who could reignite him to his former glory: the former members of the Chosen. Once he has absorbed the seven he hopes to take on the one being on this Earth who has transcended humanity and wields energies that Uwasa deems more appropriate for his own use… Kid Chaos!

Covered up in his earlier days of underground activity…

Covered in ritual seals composed of thousands upon thousands of phrases written in the alphabet he devised in the Source Language. The labyrinth on his chest can unlock and absorb people into himself, converting then into energy and sealing them into the letters where he can siphon off their divine energy for his own use.

With his seals empowered at full force.