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And about that Orchestra of immortals he’s supposedly a part of…


Bio: Born during the dawn of civilization, in what would become Kenya, Naomi (one of many names she has gone by) is the eldest of the brethren. Her specialty is winds, and she still possesses the first hollowed out reed she used all those centuries ago. She’s the matriarch of the group, the others look to her for leadership during troubling times.
Abilities: Naomi can affect the atmospheric state of her immediate vicinity, she channels this ability through the use of woodwind instruments. Depending on the particular melody or the notes she plays she can perform a number of feats: convert noxious fumes into breathable air, produce bursts of powerful gale-force wind, whip up cyclones, etc.


Bio: A Native to the Americas, John was the most talented archer of his tribe, his bowstring thrumming in harmony with each target. He survived the colonization of the continent, the genocide of his people, the latter giving him a solemn edge to his boisterous nature. He is the only one of his brethren save for Ritmo who can channel his gifts without the use of an instrument, creating his own strings from the energy of universe around him.
Abilities: John is a virtuoso in all stringed instruments.can see the quantum threads that tie all living things, all matter, together. This gives him a highly accurate sense of intuition and an extrasensory perception that allows him to empathically read other individuals. John can coalesce the quantum threads into bright searing energy strings that project from his finger strips. He can pluck or strum these strings as he would a physical instrument, producing a reality resonance shockwave that wreaks havoc on the physical plane.


Bio: The only one of the brethren to ever use their gifts for fame and notoriety, Keys enjoyed a wildly successful career as an androgynous alt-rock superstar. He is decadent, indulgent, using his immortality to amass a fortune for himself. Keys seems selfish, but when it comes to his family he will fight to the death to project them
Abilities: Keys is the pianist of the Orchestra, using a rhythm based energy akin to Ritmo’s channeled through whatever he finds available, although lately it’s been the signature fuschia synth from his musical career. Keys abilities approximate a wildly powerful form of telekinesis, with finer and higher-pitched melodies allowing for intricate and complex manipulations and slower lower-tone melodies used for brute force.


Bio: Has never revealed very much about himself to his brethren, he is of German origin, at least a few hundred years old, but with a mirth that outshines the weariness of immortality. When the Institute attacked the Gathering, Siegfried stayed behind to fight them off, buying his siblings some time. He attempted to use his power to destroy himself along with their assailants, but only resulted in severely injuring himself. The Institute put him back together, fusing his body with his instruments along with technological enhancements throughout.
Abilities: Siegfried’s ability is an explosive one. He can channel powerful bursts of sound through his instrument that explode outward in all directions. These bursts range from quick bursts, to massive earth-shattering explosions.

Bonus shot of BRASS before his disfiguration/tech enhancements: