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Thanks guys! Here’s a third member of our runaway posthuman weapons experiments:

Record Erased
Bio: A very shy young man. He was a lower-level posthuman in Tech Division, a recent arrival. Cy was a young computer programmer. With a bit of a mischievous streak, he began hacking into government databases or shutting down federal websites. His pranks went too far one day and he found himself inadvertently hacking into the ultra-secure undernet utilized by the Institute. Within five minutes his home was invaded, his family murdered, and all record of their existence was wiped. Cy’s skills were considered useful, so he was enrolled into Tech Division. Weeks of experiments increased his brain’s computing power and he had most of his body replaced with cutting edge biotechnology. He was due to have his mind erased and turned into a drone the night that the mysterious drummer Ritmo escaped with Bender and the Man, cutting a swath of destruction through all divisions. When they came by his holding cell, Cy strapped to the Lobotomizer, Ritmo took pity on him and took him with them.
Abilities: Cy’s enhanced brain gives him almost infinite memory storage, a flawless eidetic recall system, greatly enhanced reaction time and processing power, and a slight immunity to telepathic assault. At first glance his biomechanical parts don’t seem to offer him any enhancements, but there is a subroutine within his components that will activate when his life is threatened. Cy calls this Safe Mode. Upon activation, Safe Mode reconfigures all of Cy’s biomechanical components. They envelop his body in an incredibly strong and hyper-durable armor system with a variety of weapons systems and a sensory array that can tap into and commandeer operation of any nearby computer systems. In this mode, Cy’s rational mind is completely overwritten with an overwhelming Fight/Flight response that drives him to eliminate any perceived source of his danger or escape, by any means necessary.