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X and NULL

Two unlikely companions whose actions bring the group together. (for reference, X is the freakishly tall faceless being, Null is the guy)


X’s info:

Name: Unable to transliterate to human language
Species: Unknown

Bio: X is a member of the same species that abducted Abi thousands of years ago. They were a society that reached the absolute limit of technological and scientific advancement, but something happened long ago that wiped them out, destroyed all trace of their civilization.

X is one of a handful of survivors whose sole purpose is to safeguard lingering artifacts of their society, to prevent their technology from coming into contact with cultures not prepared to wield it. X meets Null after the hapless boy stumbles upon one of the most powerful of these artifacts, absorbing a piece of something beyond all understanding and becoming a target for the power-hungry factions of the galaxy. X hopes to bring the boy to an outstation of his forgotten people, hoping that the technology remains there to undo what has been done.

Abilities: X is a silicon-based lifeform, from an ancient civilization. His society long ago fused their physiology with advanced cellular machinery, and he exists as a perfect fusion of biology and technology. X does not need rest, sustenance, hydration, and can even survive in the vacuum of space. He can decipher and read any language he comes in contact with, and while he seems to possess some sort of telepathic/precognitive ability, this is only a matter of his being able to read subtle signs in every aspect of the world around him and make calculated predictions based on probability. His brain can perform this and other highly sophisticated calculations in mere microseconds.

Null’s info:

Name: None given
Species: Humanoid of indeterminate origin
Bio: Null lives on what is known as the Outer Rim, the fringes of civilized space where lawlessness rules. He was born to unknown parents on an asteroid belt where interbreeding between species occurred frequently, making even his exact heritage difficult to determine. Orphaned since infancy, he was raised by a community of thieves and scavengers, before venturing out on his own, scraping by with whatever he could find on abandoned outposts and derelict vessels.

When the federation began sweeping the outer rim, Null fled further out to the very edge of known space and stumbled across the ruins of a temple. All inside were dead, a species he did not recognize. In the heart of the structure was a single glowing sphere. Curiosity got the better of Null and he touched the object. There was a bright flash, a white hot burning in his brain, and then on his skin as an intricate geometric pattern carved itself over the surface of his entire body. Null collapsed. When he awoke, a living being, one who looked to be of the same species as the dead bodies he had previously encountered, was standing over him. He introduced himself as X, and explained that Null had inadvertently become the vessel for a force powerful beyond comprehension, the Presence. His race had imprisoned it here before their cataclysmic end. The energy spike would not go unnoticed and power-hungry individuals across the worlds would be coming after them. They would have to make their way to the only other remaining outpost of X’s people to purge Null of the Presence. Unfortunately this outpost was precisely on the opposite end of known space. The would need to hire a bodyguard to protect them, and a pilot to bring them there.

Abilities: Null is vaguely human in appearance and physiology, but his mixed bloodline gives him a few unique attributes, blue hair being among them. He is incredibly agile and flexible and can go without food and water for weeks. He can also at times ‘project’ his vision, allowing him to visually perceive his extended environment (see around corners, through walls, etc.) Practice in this ability has made him an excellent marksman.

Having housed the Presence within his body Null has begun to show signs of being able to wield its power in times of extreme stress. This power is undefined and wildly uncontrollable, putting an unbearable strain on his body. Prolonged use of the Presence’s power would undoubtedly kill Null.