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Been a bit. Decided to expand a little more on my Saviors universe. Here’s a character who could be a nemesis for Cetacea:



BIO: His origins are not altogether known, but what is certain is that he is an alien being from Cetacea’s home system, of a similar but not altogether identical biological make up. He was something akin to a serial killer on his homeworld, an unusually predatory member of his species. Sentenced to death, he escaped his captors and commandeered one of the few superluminal vessels on his planet, using the navigational records to find a planet with relatively low gravity, a surface mostly covered in water. He would land on Earth mere decades after Cetacea, and become the basis for the old maritime legends of sirens and krakens.

ABILITIES: Cephalonoid’s abilities are a product of his alien physiology. He has enhanced durability, the tissues of his body dense enough to withstand the pressures of the deep ocean. This gives him proportional super strength. His eyes can see with very little light and several fathoms below the ocean surface. Similar to cephalopods on our own planet, he has a sophisticated camouflage ability, able to blend in perfectly with his surroundings.

He possesses a mellon-like organ within his chest, that can emit specific sonic frequencies through the mouth-like orifice on his abdomen. The frequencies he emits have a neurological effect on sentient creatures, disrupting their higher reasoning and putting them in a hypnotic trance. The skin on his cranium, hands, and tentacles, are also covered in toxic spots, emitting spores of a fast-acting paralytic agent.