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@Trekkie said:

Yrys looks great! You can never go wrong with rainbow hair. (Also, genderfluid characters- yay! Any possibility of more non-binary characters in the future? )

Now that you mention it….

Identity: Agender, Asexual, non-human organism
Bio: Nehyüt claims to be a high-ranking emissary from an alien civilization that has evolved to the point of completely abolishing the need for sexual reproduction, sustaining their society with non-degrading cloning procedures. They are a society with a singular identity, with only tangential differentiation between its members. They consider sexually and genetically diverse societies to be perverse and barbaric. Nehyüt hopes ‘enlighten’ humanity, to accelerate its evolution. Unfortunately xe has decided that shifting humanity to a non-gendered evolutionary state would be easier from a more uniform stock. Xir plans call for the annihilation of biological men from the human populace to avoid ‘dilution’.
Abilities: Nehyüt is fused with wildly advanced technology, infusing xir with cosmic energies that enhance xir strength and durabilty. Xe posses cosmically reinforced psychokinetic abilities that allow xir to project powerful bursts of energy, create force constructs, and perform complex feats of telekinesis and telepathy.