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JR: Aw! Thanks! It’s nice to know my creations have stuck with somebody.

AMS: Wow! That means a lot considering I browse your thread for inspiration all the time. :D

One more for tonight and then the work week is on. (boo!) This is my character Enigma under his new codename, after he finally settles on an identity and his abilities cohere into a set form

T.J. Knowles
Identity:Polysexual, cisgender, male
Bio: This is T.J. after the final battle and after he comes to terms with his feelings for fellow teammate Cody Cavanaugh and decides on his identity. He expends much of his energy reserve in the confrontation with Abbaddon. This, combined with the psychological impact of his realization, allows his abilities to settle into one final expression.
Abilities: T.J. still wields the extra-dimensional energy that emanates from his body, but in a much more manageable form. Through touch he is able to copy the abilities of other posthumans and restructure his own body to temporarily mimic these abilities, with the side effect that his targets lose access to their own abilities for a similar amount of time. Conversely, T.J. can choose to infuse those he touches with his energies, boosting their abilities to heightened levels, at the cost of leaving T.J. physically drained.