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So new year, new concept :)

First member of my new superteam: [NAME TO BE DETERMINED]. He fills the role of the immensely strong mythical figure, with a dash of body-switching thrown in.



Bio: Jesse Zhang was a Chinese-American orphan, raised by his grandfather in California. Growing up he was taught to revere the old legends and historical figures, chief among them, legendary warrior: Guan Yu. His grandfather even claimed that the shrine in their shop housed a fragment of Guan Yu’s mythical weapon, the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Jesse didn’t think much of these stories, until the invasion.

An extra-dimensional warlord who had clashed with Pinnacle on a number of occasions finally managed to breach into our dimension and his invading forces poured in at multiple incursion sites. With Pinnacle and the established heroes busy trying to contain the breach and stop the invasion at its source, some areas were left at the mercy of the invaders. Jesse’s hometown was one such area.

His grandfather sealed up their shop and hoped to wait out the storm, but a young girl’s cries for help outside led him to expose their position. The ground forces were executing any and all living beings they encountered. Jesse’s grandfather ushered the girl inside, but was struck dead before he could make it himself. As the attackers cornered Jesse, he pushed the young girl behind him and instinctively grabbed the first weapon he could reach: the ancient blade handle housed in his grandfather’s shrine. When he held up the weapon to defend the girl, the spirit of Guan Yu within the blade sensed his righteousness and acted. Instantly Jesse was transformed into the towering legend himself: GUAN YU. He single-handedly repelled the invaders and decimated the West Coast incursion site. His actions saved hundreds of thousands of lives. When the breach was sealed and the fight over, Pinnacle approached Jesse, offering him a position on her newly formed team, an international posthuman response unit, meant to prevent tragedies such as this one from happening again.

Abilities: When he grabs the ancient blade handle, so long as his cause is just, Jesse is able to physically embody the living legend Guan Yu. Jesse is not in conscious control of this form, actually physically switching places with the deity rather than transforming into him. While one is active, the other resides on the astral plane, able to communicate with the other through telepathy.

Guan Yu possesses superhuman strength of the highest caliber, surpassed only by Pinnacle, and near invulnerability. His speed/reflexes/stamina are similarly enhanced, able to move at velocities several times the speed of sound. His beard can sense evil intent and itches when danger is near. He wields the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, a supernatural weapon able to cut through almost anything. The blade can produce mystical blue fire in its wake which Guan Yu can shape into a massive wall of flame.