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Thanks everybody! Always good to know you guys are digging my creations :D

@Lightningsword said:

Vessel is awesome! But does the suit change color when she turns to a demon? It would look kinda wierd seeing a demon in that outfit. Anyway, love the Wardens!

I was going for sort of a reverse Nightrawler (from X-men) look. You know: red skin/blue accents on a black costume as opposed to his blue skin/red accents deal. Plus she doesn’t necessarily identify as a demon, she just borrows its body when she needs to :)

Last member of the Wardens, the mysterious Trinity. He was discovered in a deep corner of the All-Space by Voyeur. Not even Scribe knows where he comes from, nor is Trinity willing to divulge his origins. He is not human, that much is certain.


He possesses the ability to draw in natural energy from his environment to enhance his physical strength. He can also attune his senses to the natural biosphere of his environment and anticipate changes/disturbances before they happen. At first glance these appear to be the limits of his abilities and it wasn’t until he had adventured with the Wardens for quite some time that Trinity’s true nature and ultimate potential were made evident.

Trinity is a singular ancestral entity. He is his mother, his father, and himself all at once. If he so chooses, every seven hours, for a period of 77 minutes, Trinity can embody one of these aspects of himself, transforming physically and mentally into either Mother or Father and given use of their wildly powerful abilities.


Mother is a healer, and a protector. She wields the Wellspring, from which flows all life. Using her staff, Mother can direct the healing waters of the spring, using them to cure injury and illness in others. She can convert the waters into a protective mist, the most powerful protective barrier known. Mother can also purify existing bodies of water, absorbing them into the Wellspring. With this ability she can teleport herself and others from any body of water on the planet to another.


Father is more destructive than either Trinity or Mother. He wields the Quintessence, five swirling orbs of distinct energies with varied effects: blue altering temperature and matter, red releasing searing bursts of energy, green drawing power from the planet itself to increase the wielder’s strength and durability to incalculable levels, purple imposing force of will on reality and allowing for immensely powerful telekinetic feats, and the white-gold energy of Father’s mind; which he keeps contained in his hands at all times, being a force that can end reality.

Bonus! Here’s a shot of Trinity alongside his other forms: