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Why make new things when I can just redesign everything? Right? Eh? (sigh)

Redesigns (in some cases slightly revamped origins) of Spectrums 1970s incarnation. Group shot and individuals in the spoiler.
L-R: Brujo, Pride, Bear, Cub, Mother Nature, Rocketina

Brujo- Hernán Ramirez (Bisexual Genderfluid Male)- A Puerto Rican young man who dabbled in santería during his childhood on the island. In New York he was an aimless vagrant, simply looking for his next high. Until he discovered the prism in a derelict building. It cleansed him of his vices and gave him purpose and resolve. He can tap into its power to unleash mystical energy for various effects.

Pride: (Homosexual Cisgender Male) He has not revealed his real name, going only by ‘Pride’. He was a teenager in the 40s, of slavic descent, sent to Auschwitz by the Nazi regime and experimented on by their scientists. Of the 1000 test subjects, Pride was the sole survivor of their supersoldier program. The treatment took to him unpredictably well. Pride was able to break free from his restraints. He killed the scientists, destroyed their research, and fled to America. After 20 years of laying low he revealed himself to the public during the Stonewall Riots in New York. He founded Spectrum shortly thereafter with like-minded posthumans.
Pride has superhuman strength in the 100-ton class, extreme durability, superhuman speed and reflexes, as well as a highly enhanced physiology (senses, immune system, regenerative ability, etc.)

BEAR – Harold Ubovic- (Homosexual Cisgendered Male) – Former park ranger empowered by the deity Kodiak after he beseeched the higher power of the wilderness to enable him to save his partner from the wreckage of their plane crash. Granted superhuman strength (75-ton class), enhanced durability/senses, a highly efficient regenerative factor, and the ability to shift into an even more powerful ursine form.

CUB – Arnold Aronov (Homosexual Cisgendered Male)- Former newspaper photographer, granted posthuman abilities from a blood transfusion with BEAR. The posthuman properties in the blood were awakened by the spiritual connection they shared, Kodiak wanting BEAR to have a guide, someone to keep him grounded. CUB has enhanced physical ability, highly enhanced senses, and has trained himself to be an expert hand to hand combatant. He fought crime with BEAR on more local level before they joined Spectrum.

MOTHER NATURE – Rosemary Marsden – (Homosexual Cisgendered Female) – Former archaeology student, stumbled across a piece of alien technology sealed away in an ancient temple of indeterminate cultural origin. The seals were mystic in origin and reacted with the tech to cement Rosemary’s physiology with the four classical elements. In tune with the biosphere of the planet, Rosemary dropped out of school and became something of a free spirit, using her abilities for the good of the disenfranchised. She controls fire, earth, air, and water.

ROCKETINA – Donna Edrington – (Biological Female of indeterminate Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) – Former intelligence agent for MI6. Her last assignment involved infiltrating a Russian weapons program that had gotten their hands on a downed alien craft. Complications arose when she fell in lover with her target. They decided to flee together, taking the weapon with them. He managed to complete his work on the run, integrating the semi-sentient power source into hardware from the craft. Their captors caught up with them, killing the scientist. Just as Donna was to die, the power source reached out to her and fused into her nervous system, drawing the hardware around itself and creating a suit of armor for her. She fled to America, deciding to use her newfound power to help other in memory of the man she loved.
ROCKETINA is biologically bonded to a sophisticated technological system that gives her enhanced strength and durability, the ability of self-propelled flight, and houses a number of complex scanning/weapon systems. It is partly sentient and has vast self-repairing capabilities.