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Some more Spectrum redesigns/reconceptings:

The Sacred Engineers, The Triad, the Geometric Trinity, The Three Brothers, extra-dimensional trio that directs the course of the titanic reserve of psychospiritual energies of their plane of existence. Their mantra:

The Mind is Thought given Will.
The Spirit is the Mind given Flesh.
The Body is the Flesh given Form.

KESHET – The Spirit

The wielder of the dimensional energies and master of the soul, Keshet wears the spectral cloak, its outer surface reflecting and brilliantly shimmering through the visible spectrum of light and its inner surface negating all light, a permeable and tangible darkness that he can shape and reform at will.

ABADDON – The Mind

Shapecaster and master of the psyche, Abaddon is the builder the most architecturally minded of the three. He thoughtcasts endless geometric patterns and forms to guide the energies of their dimension. He can project these structures within the minds of living beings to varied effects, sealing away memories/thoughts/emotions/rationality, shaping the direction of their thoughts to subvert their will, etc.

DOVE – The Body

Keeper of the gates and the pinnacle of physicality, Dovev is guardian to the Three and hold fast the seals between planes through sheer force of will. He is completely invulnerable and his strength is immeasurable. Dovev’s physical movement degrades the physical barriers of reality so he keeps himself restrained, energy barriers erected by KESHET and reinforced by ABADDON dilute the force of his slight movements for even his breathing is momentous.