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Continuing the Elementals profiles…


She was a native to a region of the Amazon Rainforest along the banks of the Xingu River. Her tribe was distantly related to the larger Kayapó ethnic group, an offshoot of an offshoot descended many generations from the initial point of departure. This tribe had been displaced by the construction projects and rampant deforestation of their ancestral homelands. The tension came to a head when a few members of the community went against the peaceful approach decided by their elders and fought back. They began to sporadically attack construction crews, but were summarily defeated by the local military. The incidents were used as precedent to forcibly relocate the rest of the tribe. Without even this small resistance, the corporate interests were emboldened, and their ambition began to encroach on even the most sacred regions of tribal land. This girl, by herself, decided to meet them, standing alone against bulldozers and assault rifles. When they tried to remove her, THE VERDANT, spirit of all the green on the earth, reached out and touched her with its greatness. Life exploded in the deforested areas as the life that had been taken grew back threefold. Metal and concrete twisted and shattered at the force of the roots. She stays at the heart of the jungle, the new untouchable oasis of green she has created and none know her name, for none have heard her speak, but in the cities of Brazil she is known as SELVA, the Jungle, for indeed she is the embodiment of all the green.

SELVA has the ability to spark massive spontaneous growth of all plantlife on the planet. She is in tune with the entire biosphere of the planet, able to sense and communicate to plantlife across the globe so long as she remains rooted into the soil. SELVA does not leave the safety of the Amazon, remaining firmly rooted in its center, but can grow avatars of her physical body in other parts of the world and use them to act on her behalf.