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One more of the Elementals, the avatar of fire.

Asher Agassi – JAIR

Asher was a firefighter in Israel, who spent his off time prowling the nightclub scene in Tel Aviv. An endless string of one night stands, the occasional steady boyfriend, but nothing permanent. He lived for the thrill of danger, always looking to push his limits, take things further. He began taking risks at work, putting his life in danger needlessly, diving into situations without assessing his surroundings. Asher was on the brink of being suspended when a massive wildfire broke out in the northern mountains. Departments from all over the country were called in. Asher was eager to join the fight. During a particularly trying day Asher found himself drifting away from his crew, isolating himself. There was something in this fire, something… alluring. It was calling his name, drawing him in. Asher had been selected by THE INCANDESCENCE, the primordial spirt of heat and fire. As Asher wandered deeper into the blaze, the flames roared with intensity. Instead of panicking, Asher began taking off his gear. He silenced the frantic radio summons of his captain and lay down in a clearing, begging the fire to take him. At that moment the INCANDESCENCE flowed into him, consuming and remaking him in an agonizing rebirth. Asher became JAIR, champion of heat and flame.

As JAIR, Asher has the ability to project intense heat and fire from his body, as well as absorb and amplify existing flame, he can even draw forth thermal energy from the core of the planet. He is completely immune to fire himself.