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And finishing off with the redesigns on ARC and GOLEM.

ARC – Owen Park. He ran with the crew that blinded Trevor, actually saving the young man’s life by stepping in to put a stop to the fight. He befriended Tabitha and Trevor, cast off by his ‘friends’ for fighting them. He was with the Moore siblings and their dog during the incident. He gained the ability to project extremely powerful electric currents from his body. He had trouble controlling the discharge at first, but CHAVA tattooed lines of micro-circuitry into his body to aid him in channeling his energies.

GOLEM – Nadir Hanasab. Iranian refugee whose natural posthuman abilities manifested when his father and uncles attempted to sacrifice him in an honor killing, after discovering that Nadir is gay. With his new abilities he was able to escape. He fled to America and lived on the streets until CHAVA found him and gave him a home. Nadir is a metamorph. When he activates his ability, his body burns away in a flash of white hot energy, revealing a superhumanly strong/durable stone form. Initially this form projects intense heat, but over the duration of his transformation, Nadir’s human body regenerates within and eventually the stone form cools and chips away to reveal his human form. His strength and durability diminish accordingly, the closer he is to the end of the transformation cycle. Each cycle generally lasts between 10-12 hrs, but can be shorter depending on how he much he exerts himself.