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Some more redesigning. While I was quite happy with my initial take on the Peacekeepers, wouldn’t you know I didn’t save any high res versions of them before losing all my save files. So I thought a simple recreation was in order, but I tweaked a few of them along the way (not least of which being the addition of a canine companion to the group thanks to Jeff’s amazing dog additions to the Companions set)

First up brother/sister members of the team:

Trevor Moore, left blind after an altercation with some local hoodlums who were bothering his sister. After the incident he gained the ability to channel his visual perception through other beings, able to use the eyes of others to see for him.
I decided Big Brother’s powerset wasn’t always good for combat instances, so his little companion there is Otis, who was present with him during the incident and gained the ability to project force fields, which he can also use to levitate. Otis follows Trevor everywhere, who uses his powers to make him the ultimate seeing-eye dog.

Tabitha Moore, Trevor’s younger sister. She feels responsible for his blindness and is very protective of him. After the incident she gained the ability to absorb any form of energy (kinetic, thermal, electrical, etc.) and use it to augment her physical strength. She walks around barefoot as a means of constantly charging her reserves through the low-level kinetic impact of her feet on the ground. Tabitha can deplete her energy reserves instantly (and if she absorbs more than she can handle, she does this involuntarily) and release a brutal shockwave around her, but this act leaves her temporarily weakened.