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I have the other Elementals and their antagonist written out, but I hit a bit of a wall trying to realize them visually In the meantime I decided to stay in practice by redesigning my LGBT Superteam, SPECTRUM! For the curious:

Individual shots for the even more curious:

MAMA – Formerly retired 1960s elemental superhero (lesbian, cisgender woman)
THE BEAR – Formerly retired 1960s shapeshifting superhero, empowered by the god Kodiak (gay, cisgender man)
META – Free-spirited reality warper, able to enter a state of dimensional flux with varying effects. (bisexual, cisgender woman)
APEX – Strong-willed but sensitive, his physiology exists at peak human levels. Able to boost all aspects of his physiology to superhuman levels for short bursts. (gay, transgender man)
STONEWALL – Stoic and invulnerable, has nearly unbreakable skin and superdense bodily tissues. (pansexual, intersexed individual)
PUTO – Flamboyant, fabulous, and ferociously transgressive. He can emit intense photonic energy bursts. (queer, genderfluid man)
ENIGMA – Wants to keep his identity a secret from the public, has fluctuating abilities that express themselves randomly at every use. (sexuality unsure, cisgender man)
SAFEZONE – Protective and overzealous, can project solid energy forcefields from her body. (straight, cisgender woman)
QUANDARY – Learning to trust again, powerful telepath who can manifest psionic waves of telepathic static that disable higher brain function. (asexual, agender)