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Aaaaand a group shot.

The way I see their origin playing out: Flux is a supersoldier project gone astray and Golem is a natural post-human whose abilities were brought out by the stress of his family’s attack. Flux rescues Golem off of the streets after witnessing him use his abilities to fend off some unsavory characters. She meets the rest of the future team during the brawl that took Trevor’s sight. Owen befriends Trevor and his sister because he feels guilty about his involvement, but the trio are targeted by his old crew. Running from them one day leads to the three of them breaking into an industrial warehouse for cover. A gang banger fires a gun at a high pressure container of experimental containers that ends up exploding right next to them. They develop their abilities and Flux proposes they work together. BAM. You have.. the Peacekeepers.

As for how it would fit in with Spectrum:
Nadir is wanted for the murder of his uncle in Iran, obviously the circumstances haven’t been truthfully portrayed, and is targeted for extradition back to Iran. Spectrum- being a government based installation – is given the opportunity of finding and apprehending him for questioning, being as this is both a posthuman and gay rights issue. Classic team misunderstanding, they fight, end up teaming up against some kind of common enemy, gain mutual respect, Spectrum sticks up for Nadir, they maintain friendly communications, until next time…