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Name: Yessenia Dominguez
Powers: Flux is the product of extensive gene therapy and surgical enhancement. Her agility, reflexes, dexterity, strength, and stamina have all been enhanced to the maximum potential for baseline humans. Her primary ability uses her altered neurology to speed up her perception of time. With this ability Yessenia can appear to move at superhuman speeds or perform incredibly complex cognitive tasks in very little time. Her body has human limits so she can only move in this altered state for as long as she can endure the strain it puts on her. Flux has extensive hand to hand combat training and is an expert fighter.
Bio: Yessenia remembers very little of the person she used to be before she was abducted and experimented on. She recovered her personell file when she escaped her handlers, but the memories and the emotional connections were gone. Rather than put her family through the living death of their daughter, Yessenia chose to use her newfound abilities to make her community safer. She rounded up other posthuman youths and formed the Peacekeepers, training them to put their abilities towards the good of the community, while trying to stay two steps ahead of the handlers who will stop at nothing to retrieve their living investment…