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Name: Nadir Hanasab
Powers: Nadir’s body undergoes a dramatic transformation, his flesh and blood body burning away in a cascade of energy and revealing a chalk-white stone form underneath. This animated mineral body is incredibly durable and grants Nadir incredible superhuman strength. The stone gradually chips away and grows more brittle as Nadir’s human form regenerates within, eventually becoming nothing more than a thin shell that chips away to reveal Nadir underneath. The amount of time this form lasts before crumbling away depends on how much Nadir exerts himself.
Bio: Nadir is an Iranian refugee. He fled his homeland and his family when he was outed as a homosexual. A former partner was arrested and forced to name other homosexuals for leniency in his sentencing. Nadir’s own family attacked him, his father and uncles forming a posse to deliver him to the police. They beat him and would have killed him, but at that moment Nadir’s post-human abilities emerged. Unused to his newfound strength, Nadir killed one of his uncles and ripped his father’s arm off. He fled to America, living on the streets for fear of being deported back to Iran. Flux found him and introduced him to the others. He has a home with them, and will do anything to protect his new family.


Name: Owen Park
Powers: Own has the ability to produce intense electric currents from his body. His body can produce voltages high enough to kill. He tends not to project arcs of electricity far from his body because he still has trouble manipulating his energies. He was unable to control his powers at all until he was given his tattoos. They’re laced with microcircuitry that helps him control the surges that come from his body. His control is getting better, but Arc is still afraid to use his abilities to their full potential.
Bio: Owen use to run with a crew of wannabe gang bangers, whose usual stunts amounted to nothing more than intimidating or harassing high school kids. He never felt comfortable preying on innocent people and this trepidation came to a head when his ‘crew’ viciously assaulted a young man for sticking up for his sister. Owen stepped in before they could kill him, but he was too late to save Trevor Martin’s sight. He felt guilty and befriended the pair to help in Trevor’s recovery. The three of them would later get involved in another dramatic event, one that would change them forever…