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Now for the most violent members of our happy crew


Backstory and old image:

Sear: A pyrokinetic who can cause the spontaneous combustion of the air around her. She is not immune to her abilities and her entire body is covered in scarred over burn tissue. Because she constantly projects low level heat and flame around her, the surgeons at the asylum provided her with fireproof clothing and a protective mask to help her cope with her disfigurement. Her moods shift violently and the intensity of the flames around her increase and decrease accordingly.


Backstory and old image:

Sever: A psychotic killer who commands formidable telekinetic abilities. His abilities rend and tear through material swiftly and brutally, but the field extends at a diameter of two feet from his person leaving him unable to affect the shackles immediately on his person.. The asylum staff assumed that restraining him physically would quiet his abilities, but this just made him furious. Sever is unable to escape his bonds, but he takes his frustration out on those around him, with fatal results.

Finally we have the master of the house, the dreadful and sadistic:

Shudder (who originally went by Sade when posted in the psychic characters contest)


Backstory and original image:

Shudder- His brain secretes a chemical that, when oxygenated, releases a powerful form of telepathic radiation. This field of radiation pulses outward with his heartbeat, permeating a wide area. Individuals entering within range of the field begin to feel an overwhelming sense of dread that intensifies the closer they get to its source. In his immediate presence, the telepathic resonance of Shudder’s blood chemistry causes uncontrollable panic and paranoid delusions. Weaker-minded individuals have been driven insane by prolonged exposure to him.