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Backstory and old image:

Stupor- A creature of pure and unrestrained gluttony. Stupor has no higher brain-function, no ability to reason; he simply consumes when he is hungry. He is never sated. His brain projects a field of telepathic numbness that overwhelms higher brain function and puts his targets into a state of complete, unfeeling apathy. After entrancing his victims, Stupor usually consumes them alive. They are unable to struggle, unable to resist…


Backstory and older version:

Sick: A healer whose gifts come at a terrible cost. Sick has the ability to absorb the effect of injuries, diseases, and pathogens from an individual’s body. Unfortunately, the absorbed damage infects Sick’s body and eats him away from the inside out. His skin is jaundiced, his organs on the constant brink of failure, and his muscle tissue all but withered away. He is surgically fused to the mechanical apparatus on his back, that hovers off the ground to provide him mobility and aids in the function of his organs, some of which having been removed and replaced with mechanical components.