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@JR19759 said:

Having just been going through all the old contests, I have to ask, how can you be so consistently awesome? Looking at some of your older stuff, like Fever, the Psytwins and your FNF entries…

….BTW, if you are going back and redoing old contest entries again, posting the ones I mentioned wouldn’t go amiss, you managed to improve on your other old entries (which I had thought un-improvable).

So I didn’t totally ignore you, I just had some retooling to do in the mean time :D . I’ve gone back to revisit those pieces mentioned as well as a few others who I thought would go nicely with them.

The following is a series of characters who I imagine inhabiting the same world, the same run down and abandoned insane asylum sealed deep within its winding passages and labyrinthine cell blocks, doing unspeakably horrible things to any poor soul unfortunate enough to wander in…

Sister Sanity and Sister Psychosis


Backstory and the older version:
Sister Sanity & Sister Psychosis- Twin sisters, Eliza and Elaine, who were experimented on in utero and during childhood by their father, an unbalanced geneticist obsessed with expanding the potential of the human mind. After their father’s scientific fascination turned into a perverse obsession the girls lashed out at him in his laboratory. He managed to spray Elaine in the face with caustic chemicals, scarring her horribly. With their concentration broken, their father managed to find his gun and fired a point blank shot into Eliza’s forehead. Elaine, in furious rage, reached into her father’s mind and ripped it apart, killing him instantly. Eliza survived, Elaine pulling the bullet out of her and keeping the wound from bleeding out, but her brain function was irreparably damaged. Eliza became a savage unpredictable individual, lashing out with unrestrained and chaotic telepathy. Elaine resigned herself to keeping her sister from harming others, keeping her in line with telekinetic chains and telepathic dominance of their tandem mind.