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Now for Nexus’s father figures. “Bastard of three fathers” becomes a go-to insult from one of Nexus’s antagonists :D

First up, his biological parentage.

Name: The Corporeal
Age: Endless
Species: Archangel
As one of the Seven, Samael is among the strongest of all the Ethereals. He prefers to use brute physicality, as opposed to the elemental manipulations preferred by his fellows. He is called the Corporeal because his physical form is the strongest of the Seven. He can create waves of force just by the motions of his body. There are none who exist or who shall exist that surpass his strength and durability.
Samael was one of the original Seven, formed from the Immensity at the beginning of time when the cosmos was formless. He was ever loyal to Michael and the Metatron, even through the First Conflict and Lucifer’s Fall from Grace. He would lead the skirmishes on the Physical Plane whenever the Infernals managed to breach the boundaries of their prison. It was there that he first met Abaddon. The demon was among the first to come close to matching him physically. They formed a rivalry, and from that rivarly grew respect, empathy, and to both of their surprise, attraction. Love. Samael began to meet with Abaddon in secret. Over decades they grew closer to each other until the terrible moment when they consummated their relationship.
Their natures were both male, but the biological binary that exists in men and demons does no exist in angels. The Seven are male-gendered in appearance and manner, but their bodies are intersex, neither one or the other. Samael and Abaddon conceived a child. Ulises was born.

In the frantic months that followed, Samael and Abaddon tried to remain ahead of both forces and keep their child safe. Desperate, Samael recalled the priest he had uttered revelation to. Years before he had inspired the clergyman to continue his work. Made him aware of the true nature of things. If anyone would understand and remain neutral, it would be him. The pair left Ulises in his care, Samael forming a series of seals within the tiny boy’s body to conceal and restrain his innate power. Then they would have to disappear, to insure his safety.
When the pair was alone, Samael ambushed Abaddon. His heart breaking, Samael used the utmost of his abilities and obliterated Abbadon’s physical body. As a traitor to his people, Abaddon would be banished to the deepest level of the Pit. He would be frozen, free from torment and safe from the wrath of the Ethereals. He would be safe and alive. Samael knew that his brothers would not stand for this. He ascended, feigning that he had killed Ulises with his barehands and banished the demon as penance. Metatron voiced his judgment. Samael would be cast back into the Immensity, disembodied and re-integrated. As the energy washed over him, Samael was happy to die in the knowledge that the two beings he loved most were safe.

Name: The Eviscerator
Age: Endless
Species: Fallen
Abilities: Abaddon is incredibly strong and durable. His reflexes and agility are unparalleled. He was of the warrior caste before his fall from grace and is one of the most skilled combatants in any plane of existence.
Abaddon is among an elite class of demons who were not created or born in Hell, but rather existed in a state of grace at one point, being angels until the First Conflict and the subsequent Fall. He was a principal soldier of Lucifer and often spear-headed breaches from Hell and assaults on the Physical Plane. During his long military career, Abaddon frequently encountered Samael. No others could match him, and thus Abaddon fought one on one with him on uncountable occasions. When he developed for Samael and they began their clandestine relationship he began to doubt his place in Lucifer’s army and the Eternal War.
When Ulises was born, Abaddon hoped to escape with his family, to hide in a corner of the universe and live out eternity untouched, in supreme happiness. He had thought Ulises was only to be temporarily placed in that human’s care. A situation he did not agree with but had neither the time nor the patience to argue with Samael about. When the couple left the human with their child, Abaddon began to map out a strategy. They were strong. They could-
But then. The hand on his neck. Samael. Tears in his eyes and whispering meaningless apologies, the archangel destroyed Abaddon’s body. Abaddon plummeted deep into the Pit. Lucifer himself greeted him. He had such plans for the errant soldier…

Now for the man who raised Ulises. His present father:

Name: Hector Monroy
Age: 72
Abilities: Father Monroy is an incredibly skilled sorcerer. He is well-versed in various schools of lore and ritual. As one of the few individuals able to see beyond the veil he is able to tap into veins of magic that others in his craft are unable to. He can use this skill for various effects, although he excels more in defensive spells. Coupled with the revelation granted to him by Samael, Father is one of the few human beings on the planet able to stand with eternals on equal footing.
Hector Monroy was at one point in his life a man without purpose. He was to ordained in his early 30’s but the love of a woman made him doubt whether or not he could truly pledge himself body and soul to a higher power. The decision was taken for him when the love of his life was taken from him. An accident. Out of anyone’s control. Hector was despondent. How could he pledge himself to a being that had allowed this to happen? At the edge of sanity, he prayed for forgiveness and prepared to end things himself. He would have, had the archangel Samael not heard his prayers and, out of character for him, appeared to the young man. Samael recognized him as a sensitive, one who was in tune with the true nature of things. He gifted Hector with revelation, knowledge of the universe, magic, and profound understanding of the unseen forces of the world. This gave Hector the strength to continue. He spent the ensuing years practicing faith, but organizing in the shadows, meeting other individuals with perceptions like his, hoping to help stem the tide of supernatural creatures flowing into our world.
It was more than two decades later that the archangel came to Hector once more, in need of aid. Hector agreed to take the child, hoping to preserve his innocence as long as possible. He loves Ulises as if he was his own son and would do anything to protect him.